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EMME WL Teacher of the Year nomination (Deadline January 20, 2023)

EMME World Language Teacher of the year application (Deadline February 16, 2023)

EMME. ESOL Teacher of the Year nomination. (Deadline Jan 20, 2023) 

EMME ESOL Teacher of the year application (Deadline February 16, 2023) 

EMME. Richard Williamson Award for Leadership (Deadline February 16, 2023)

EMME. Student Recognition Award (Deadline February 16, 2023)

EMME. Sister Solange Bernier Lifetime Achievement Award (Deadline February 16, 2023)

EMME Teacher of the Year (EMME)

Each year at its annual conference, the Educators for a Multilingual Maine (EMME) recognizes those who have achieved outstanding results in teaching modern or classical languages.

ESOL Teacher of Year

Don Reutershan New Teacher Scholarship (EMME)

The EMME New Teacher Scholarship supports and recognizes the hard work that modern and classical language teachers are doing in the classroom. This scholarship was developed to financially support new teachers in their endeavors in professional development.

EMME Student Recognition Award (EMME)

The nominee must have studied a minimum of four years of at least one language. The student may be enrolled in the fourth-year-level when nominated. The nominee must have a record of outstanding scholarship and of service to the school.

Richard Williamson Award For Leadership (EMME)

The recipient must have achieved outstanding results in promoting the study of modern and classical languages in his/her community or region. Teachers, administrators, students, and community members are eligible for this award. Special consideration will be given to those persons using innovative approaches that actively involve constituencies not routinely supportive of second language learning.

Sister Solange Bernier Lifetime Achievement Award (EMME)

This award, named for a EMME member whose career as a well-loved and well respected French teacher spanned more than six decades, recognizes the career-long accomplishments of those who are approaching retirement and who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and leadership throughout their careers as modern and classical language teachers. Teachers who have been FLAME members for at least five years and have a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in teaching foreign languages are eligible for this award.

For additional information on the above EMME awards, please contact Johanna Bridges at

Richard Williamson Scholarship for Teachers (Must be a member of AATF)

AATF – Maine encourages teachers to apply for the $250 Richard Williamson Scholarship for Teachers (2014) to attend a workshop or seminar during the summer for professional growth.

Laurianna Boucher Scholarship (Must be a member of AATF)

To provide financial aid to a student who demonstrates an interest in the study of French or international studies with a focus on the francophone world.

NECTFL/MEAD Leadership Fellows Program

Foreign language teachers who have demonstrated leadership potential at their schools, colleges or universities, and/or at the local, state, regional or national level.

Classics Scholarship

Classics Scholarship (replaces the CANE Summer Institute Scholarship)

EMME will award a $200 scholarship to a teacher of Latin or Greek who is a member of both the Maine Classical Association (MCA) and FLAME. The scholarship may be used for, but is not limited to, registration and expenses at conferences and workshops, tuition and expenses for courses, or seed money to start a local Junior Classical League (JCL) chapter.

​If applicable, the recipient must make a presentation at the EMME Conference. Direct any inquiries to {Coming Soon}

The CANE Summer Institute meets for one week in July. Check the CANE website for specific dates and locations.

Hannaford Teacher Renewal Scholarship

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